Name:  Teetonia AKA: Location  – Home System: Teetonia allegedly is the name of the planet that the beings came from who abducted Italian security agent Pier Fortunato Zanfretta on several occasions between 1978 and 1980. Distance from Earth: Attitude: Motives: Physical Appearance: After his first encounter, Zanfretta described the first being he saw as ‘an enormous green, ugly and frightful creature, with undulating skin as though he were very fat or dressed in a loose, gray tunic.’ Average Height: no less than 10-feet tall Average Weight: Body Temperature: Pulse/Respiration: Blood Pressure: Hair: Green Skin: hairy, greenish skin, points on the sides of their faces, rounded fingertips, monstrous,... Read more

How to Recognize Characteristics of Reptilian Possessed and Hybrids

The following is a list of characteristics regularly manifested by the reptilian possessed or reptilian hybrid (Those sharing equal amounts of human and reptilian DNA). These “people” are not rare, and in fact, humans with very little reptilian DNA are becoming exceedingly rare. These individuals are also called Snake People and the Serpent Seed. The “Explanation” and “Drawback” comments are from psychics, one male and one female. After the characteristics you will find a list of symptoms of reptilian attempts at possession. The final comments are my own opinions on this issue related to Reptilian hosting with respect to... Read more

Fascinating Story About ‘The Real Men In Black’

The picture below is from a book authored by Nick Redfern titled, The Real Men In Black. A book we highly recommend if you’re interested in this type of phenomena. Every single year the topic of UFOs continues to gain traction with regards to credibility and evidence. A lot of information has emerged over the past few years that has taken these subjects out of the ‘conspiracy theory’ realm and into ones of serious inquiry. This particular story originates from the US government’s Stargate Program, which lasted more than two decades.  The program studied various topics within the dimensions... Read more

Speculating about what aliens look like

Thinking about what aliens might look like has fascinated humans for thousands of years. Luckily, new technology has allowed scientists to make major discoveries as they continue an exciting mission to find extraterrestrial life. Data from the Kepler Space Observatory suggests that in the Milky Way Galaxy alone, there may be over 2 billion planets capable of supporting life. In a discovery on February 22, 2017, astronomers found 7 Earth-size planets 40 light-years away! This is the highest number of Earth-like planets ever found around a single star. What Neil deGrasse Tyson Says About The Depiction Of Aliens In... Read more


Ever wondered why no one has set foot on the Moon for decades? And why there’s no permanent outpost already established there? Is it because the Moon is not a viable celestial body to harness, or maybe because all of the above mentioned are already happening, but we are not being told about it? The answer to these questions may be easier than first anticipated, but complex at the same time. Dr. Michael Salla has pointed out that there is a military industrial extraterrestrial complex (MIEC) on the surface of our ‘natural satellite’, and there’s a strong possibility of... Read more

Possible Reptilian Photo Allegedly Brings Down 4chan

Psst. Wanna see a selfie of a reptilian? Oops, it’s gone, along with the website where it was posted. And I suddenly don’t feel too good. Do you? efore we get started, write down on a piece of paper your prediction of how many times this post will use forms of caveat words like  “allegedly,” “possibly” and “reputedly.” Where should we begin on this story? According to a number of reports, a photograph reputedly of a reptilian alien taken outside of Luke Air Force Base was posted to 4chan on Thursday. Within minutes, the entire website was allegedly taken... Read more

Strange Humanoid Encounters in Asia

Among all of the reports of strange beasts and entities from all over the world, surely some of the most interesting are those that involve various creatures that can only be described as being more or less humanoid in form. These come in a wide range of forms and frames, but are united in their description of something more or less basically human in appearance, only strange, warped or twisted somehow. Such reports are not confined to the West, and indeed many of the odder such accounts come to us from the lands of Asia, where there originate a... Read more

REAL or HOAX? UFO Experts Warn of “Cosmic False Flag” Event!!!

Claims that deep state will fake alien invasion to achieve totalitarian control over humanity Natural News| Now for something completely different… As our world become ever more strange by the day, numerous UFO experts are warning about what might be the most bizarre event in human history: A “cosmic false flag” where, they claim, desperate governments of the world stage a massive fake alien invasion to finally complete their goal of ensuring total human obedience under a never-ending “the aliens are coming” false hysteria. It may sound crazy to the uninitiated, but listen to the experts below before making up your mind,... Read more

Renowned Scientist Publishes a Series of Historical Artwork Depicting Possible Extraterrestrial Visitation

Sightings of strange objects in the sky have been recorded for a very long time. For example, in 217 BC “at Arpi round shields (parmas) were seen in the sky” (Liv. 22.1.9; Orosius 4.15).  A parma was a small round shield made of iron, bronze, and other metals. According to NASA, “we do not know whether the luster of these devices (and not just their shape) was intended to be an element of the description. Mock suns are an unlikely explanation, since in the Roman prodigy lists these were routinely described as ‘double suns’ or ‘triple suns’ (i.e. two... Read more


According to a story circulating in the UFO and alien conspiracy theory blogosphere, a British Police Sergeant had an encounter with Tall White Aliens on July 6, 2009. The aliens were allegedly inspecting a freshly-made crop circle in a field in Wiltshire, England, when the police officer, who was off-duty at the time, encountered them. The mystery of the incident was reportedly compounded by the refusal of Wiltshire Police to comment when contacted by local UFO and paranormal investigators. A police spokesperson reportedly said the authorities could not comment on the incident because it was a “personal matter,” according... Read more