Aliens Are Real Says The Founding Father Of The Internet Dr Jacques Vallee

Despite the fact that mainstream media accounts like to portray those who believe in extra-terrestrial life and UFOs as oddballs and fringe figures, many distinguished and highly accomplished individuals have come forward to discuss their belief in these otherworldly activities here on Earth. Of these thousands of credible witnesses, coming from the fields of politics, academia and the military, perhaps the most distinguished of all is Dr. Jacques Valle. 


Dr. Valle has had a storied and extensive career in the fields of science and engineering. His many achievements include the first computerized mapping of the surface of Mars for NASA and his work at the Stanford Research Institute (SRI) where he was part of a team that developed the technology that would become the foundation for the modern day internet.

Dr. Valle has also examined unidentified flying objects and claims of extra-terrestrial activity in more depth than almost any other individual on the planet. His first work on the subject was a Journal piece entitled, “Estimates of Optical Power Output in Six Cases Of Unexplained Aeriel Objects With Defined Luminosity Characteristics, ” which was published in the Journal of Scientific Exploration. This essay examined the interception of UFOs by six different pilots.

His curiosity piqued, Dr. Valle then embarked on a stunningly ambitious quest to examine no less than five hundred different accounts of UFO sightings from the age of Biblical antiquity until 1879, which marked the period of development of modern industry. His findings and commentary can be found in his book ‘Wonders of the Sky’.

Dr. Valle found after examining hundreds of different case accounts that UFO sightings and encounters share definite physical features. For instance, the heat felt and described by witnesses seems constant over different cultures and across the centuries. In fact, Dr. Valle said that similarities between ancient sightings of UFOs and modern day encounters tend to be more similar than many would presume.

De Valle has subjected each of his cases to the full investigatory vigor that one would expect from such an accomplished scientific man and comes to some incredibly interesting conclusions, particularly regarding the way that alien encounters have shaped human history and religion.


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