Name: The Arcturians.

Life Form Type: Humanoid 

Subspecies: Blue Arcturians

Most Common Species:



Location  – Home System:  Arcturus is the brightest, or alpha-star in the Bootes Constellation, and is seen as a golden-yellow or orange star. Arcturus also is “an energy gateway through which humans pass during death and birth. It functions as a way station for non-physical consciousness to become accustomed to physicality.”

Distance from Earth: It lies at a distance of approximately 34 -36 light years from Earth

Attitude: Arcturus is the home of higher dimensional entities, who are dedicated to service and healing. They specialize in emotional and spiritual healing, and have mastered techniques, far beyond what we can imagine.

Motives: The Arcturians are a very spiritual race that lives in a universe or reality of pure love. There seems to be a gateway of some sorts at this planet which transmits higher energies to our dimensional universe.

Members of: Confederation of Humans, The Prism of Lyra, Galatic Federation

Accepted into the Galactic Federation: Approximately 3.75 million years ago.

Density: 5D, 6D, 7D, 8D, 9D

Polarity: Positive

Physical Appearance

  • Average Height:  7 feet to almost 8 feet 6 inches (2.31 to 2.64 meters).
  • Average Weight:
  • Body Temperature:
  • Pulse/Respiration:
  • Blood Pressure:
  • Life Expectancy:  three hundred fifty to four hundred years
  • Hair:
  • Skin: The skin ranges in color from a vanilla shade to a greenish, to a very dark brown.color
  • Sex:
  • Eye’s: very large, almond- shaped eyes – Their eyes are dark brown or black. Their main organ of seeing is actually their telepathic nature, not their physical eyes.
  • Hearing: Their sense of hearing transcends even their telepathic nature.
  • Communication Type:  They have the ability to move objects with their minds and are totally telepathic.

Other Physical Information: They have only three fingers. Their source of nourishment is an effervescent liquid that is highly vitalizing to their entire being. They also have an ability to sense with the backs of their heads. Their highly developed spiritual nature has allowed them to avoid aging, since they have the ability to transcend time and space. They terminate life when the contract that has been arranged for their existence is finished. There is no sickness in Arcturus; it was eliminated centuries ago.

Special Traits and Abilities: Arcturians are very angelic in nature. In fact, a lot of encounters with Angels, actually are encounters with Arcturians. Arcturians are noted for their mastery of time (galactic calendars, etcetera) and their exceptional abilities in science and philosophy.

Transportation Type:  The Arcturian starships are the finest in the entire universe. They are propelled by crystals that do not come from that planet but from a planet in the Milky Way that has not been discovered by Earthly scientists. These crystals have a way of conducting light energy from the Great Central Sun. The Arcturians say that they not longer use computers because they long ago outgrew the need for them. They have other systems that are far more advanced. One section of the starship is a replication of Arcturus. It has the ability to take any crewmember back to Arcturus in his etheric body. This helps to strengthen and rejuvenate crewmembers who are away from home for long periods of time as they traverse the universes. Earth’s frequency is very harsh for Arcturians because of their fifth-dimensional frequency. Arcturians don’t eat but are able to ingest energy. The Arcturians sleep for only a short time once a week, but for them it is a sacred time to soul travel and connect to higher realms of consciousness. Another room in the Arcturian starship has a complete data bank containing every aspect of Earth life and of life on other planets as well. Arcturians are able to ingest information by means of their telepathic abilities and through their nervous systems. This process is similar to ingesting food but it occurs on an energy level. They are able to assimilate information one hundred times faster than the average human being on Earth.

An Arcturian ship has a room that strengthens the vibration of all who enter so they will not be overwhelmed by even the strongest vibrations of Planet Earth. The Arcturians are able to travel through time. They also have shuttlecraft that are global in shape which are used for activating energy points and grids on Earth that have been lying dormant for many centuries. The Arcturians have been working with Earth since life first started on this planet. They have many bases on Earth, and they also have three bases on the Moon. Many of their bases on Earth are inside mountains. Arcturians can manifest physically, but they also exist in the etheric state, so physical matter is not an obstacle to them. There is a vaporizing section in a starship that can instantly make any person or object disappear. They use it on a person only if he has died. The amazing thing about this machine is that whatever is vaporized can be resolidified at any time in the future just by checking the ship’s records. The more I learn about Arcturus, the more Star Trek seems realistic. Many souls are brought to the Arcturian starships during the dream state where they are worked on and helped, although the Arcturians never invade a person’s free choice as the Grays are doing. The Arcturians are here to assist humans in entering the fourth and fifth dimensions of reality and in raising their vibrational frequencies. They stand as the guardians and protectors of higher consciousness in the universe.

They are based in every country on the planet and, and in fact, have bases all over the universe. They are here to educate humanity but have had a difficult time dealing with the government and the military, who are primarily interested in military technology, not spiritual enlightenment. The Arcturians could help in an even greater and more open capacity than they are now, but the people who govern the United States and the world are so materialistically and egoistically oriented that they resist the help of these incredibly advanced beings. Instead, the U.S. government made a deal with the Grays who are very selfish beings interested only in taking over the world for their own greedy purposes.

Witnesses Reports:

Special Features/Characteristics: Arcturian society is governed by the elders, who are revered by the people of Arcturus for their advanced knowledge, wisdom, and extremely high vibrational frequencies. The higher the vibrational frequency, the closer one is to Light, or spirit, or God.

Summary/Description: This emotional and spiritual healing is the reason why a lot of psycho-spiritual healers have a special connection with Arcturus. The Arcturians work together with the Sirians. Together they have established what could be called ‘the Arcturian/Sirian matrix’, or network. One source mentions that they supposedly have some bases on the moon.


arcturian (5)

Life on Arcturus

In the Arcturian system there are no extreme temperatures. Their civilization is one that has transcended duality and lives in oneness. Professions on Arcturus are determined by a person’s vibrational frequency and the colors in his or her aura. For example, those who are in charge of taking care of the children must have violet as the predominant color in their auras, for only the wisest souls are allowed to associate with the young.

The same is true for those who are allowed to give birth. They are screened and tested in terms of their auric and vibrational frequencies, and when chosen by the elders to give birth to an Arcturian child, people go through an amazing process. The vibrations of both individuals involved are raised to a seventh- dimensional frequency for the birthing process to insure bringing in the most highly evolved souls. (The seventh-dimensional frequency is that of an ascended master.) Reproduction is an honor on Arcturus and one of the most highly regarded professions. The actual reproductive act is not performed in a physical sense as it is understood on Earth. On Arcturus it is done through a kind of mind link in which the male and female energies are perfectly balanced. Through this procreation process, some kind of electron force flows through the two beings, and it creates another being that is a replica of the link.

The new life form is then taken to a special room that emanates the proper vibrational frequencies until the being is ready for integration into a family unit on Arcturus. Many beings from Arcturus are seeded onto other planets because the high council has ordered this as a great act.

On Arcturus there is not competition. Every thought, word, deed, and product is judged by its ability to raise the vibration closer to God. If it does not, it does not exist on Arcturus. A person’s frequency of vibration is directly related to the mastery he has over his body, emotions, thoughts, actions, and creations. Arcturians have total mastery over these aspects of self. They have developed the ability to transcend the ego, the separative, lower, fear-based self. Success is judged only in terms of the measure of Light frequency. There are machines that constantly check the vibrational frequencies each individual on the planet is manifesting. If one particular Arcturian receives feedback that he is not meeting his own goals for evolution, then immediately the elders send teachers to help that individual. 

There is a 11th Dimensional Arcturian group, call them those related to the Oversoul of the Arcturian race. Some (by example former Joshua Stone of the I AM University) called them the Elders and gave them a description as if they have wings. In my humble opinion these are not wings but more circles of light. 

Blue_ArcturianTThe 5th D Arcturians are blue skinned, do have big almond eyes and do not have hair. They belong to a group mentality, however can act as a individual. They are highly analytical but their analyses are fully integrated with the highest order of what is for them emotionality...enlightened-love.. They are healers but different in one way than the doctors of Andromeda.

When I worked with the Galactic Federation doctors I saw the Arcturians used sometimes strange light tubes however the Andromedans only used light techniques. The 5th D. Arcturians are not tall. I think 5 feet is their size. They have 4 fingers and they do not have long fingers like the Zetis have. The top of their fingers are more round. Cynthia Crawford has a sculpture of an Arcturian that comes very close to what is my impression. Despite what people might think about the work of Anna Hayes aka Ashayana Deane her drawing of an Arcturian is also close. 

Anna Hayes states: Human looking Pleiadian-Human-Nibiruian-Anunnaki hybrid “Blondes”; Nibiruian-Sirian Nephilim Anunnaki-humans (Sirian-Anunnaki); Andromite and Arcturian “Dolphin People” and from inner Earth, 

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  1. hi from reading your page arcturians live on earth in the mountains and have bases on earth and the moon!! only all other websites claim do not live on earth ,are you talking about the greys at dulce base the demonic ones? sorry if i sound harse but im lost and confused as for what ive read is that the arcturians are protectors of earth and have a ship called athena and fly around earth to protect it. the greys the demonic ones have bases all over the earth and are to wipe mankind in 2029 so is said. the arcturians are said to have told the greys to leave earth only they replied they will not as the usa govererment made a pact treaty that they could abduct humans in exchange for technology. my arguement is if they are protectors and this experimenting torture on children at dulce base is happening why have the arcturians allowed it as they are the highest race everand they are suppose to help us .

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