Name: Booteans

AKA: Boots – The Salamani Confederatiom

Location  – Home System: The Constellation Bootes

Distance from Earth:  30 to 40 light years

Attitude: Malevolent


Physical Appearance: Physically, they are said to be chameleon or reptilian-like, and originated from the Draconian Reptilians.

  • Average Height:
  • Average Weight:
  • Body Temperature:
  • Pulse/Respiration:
  • Blood Pressure:
  • Life Expectancy:
  • Hair:
  • Skin:
  • Sex:
  • Life Expectancy:

Other Physical Information: allegedly quite intelligent, and have small snouts and large reptilian eyes and eat human flesh because they view humans as a food source. 

Special Traits and Abilities:

Communication Type: 

Origin: originated from the Draconian Reptilians

Life Form Type: Reptilians


Most Common Species:

Level of Species:


Transportation Type:

Witnesses Reports:

Special Features/Characteristics: 

Summary/Description: Their negative activities include implantation, infiltration and control of galactic civilizations and societies; activities they are thought to be conducting here on Earth as well. Their Reptilian heritage leads them to believe that they are the ultimate warriors, and that other races are inferior. One of there goals allegedly is to dominate the earth entirely and also they work in deep underground bases on the earth working with the Draconians and grays to take over the earth they have also exchanged advanced technologies to the government. According to Alex Collier the reptilian civilizations that we know today, in Bootes are all genetic manipulated half breeds of the original Ciakar race.