SUBJECT AUTOPSY REPORT 1 DATE 7/14/47 COPY ONE OF THREE INITIAL FINDINGS UPON EXAMINATION AND AUTOPSY OF THE BODY OF AN APPARENT ALIEN CREATURE 1. External Appearance This body was observed to be in a state of significant deterioration. It had been preserved with formaldehyde solution but not otherwise dissected. The cadaver was 44 inches long with a weight of 27 pounds when the preservative solution had been drained. The external appearance of this cadaver was... Read more

1954: Did President Eisenhower Meet With Aliens?

March 01, 2009 Item 2.25: FOIA Request to CIA re Film Footage of Eisenhower’s Inspection of an Alien Spacecraft and Its Deceased Occupants TO: Ms. Delores M. Nelson Information and Privacy Coordinator U. S. Central Intelligence Agency Washington, DC 20505 FROM: Larry W. Bryant 3518 Martha Custis Drive Alexandria, VA 22302 DATE: March 1, 2009 1. On February 3, 2009, a surrogate UFO-E.T.-cover up whistleblower named “Bob” phoned in to the late-night syndicated radio program Coast-to-Coast... Read more

1954: Edwards Agreement

There are numerous and consistent indications that the US Government has made a secret agreement with the Greys, and some other alien species. It is not clear when this would have happened. Several sources mention that in 1954, probably on 20 February, the Greys would have landed at Edwards Air Force Base, and met with President Eisenhower. Other sources however mention 24 April 1964, and a landing at Holloman AFB According to the agreement, the US... Read more


Already Passed by Congress —————————————————————————- According to a law already on the books: (Title 14, Section 1211 of the Code of Federal Regulations, adopted on July 16, 1969, before the Apollo moon shots), anyone guilty of such contact automatically becomes a wanted criminal to be jailed for one year and fined $5,000. The NASA administrator is empowered to determine with or without a hearing that a person or object has been “extraterrestrially exposed” and impose an... Read more

1989: A Shocking look inside Government Alien-Exchange program

In the Spring of 1989, UFO UNIVERSE published an article by Robert W. Boyajian, titled ‘CONQUEST EARTH? – A SHOCKING LOOK INSIDE THE GOVERNMENT-ALIEN EXCHANGE PROGRAM’ (Exclusive Interview with Sergeant Clifford Stone, on assignment at Roswell, New Mexico): “In the course of my UFO investigations, I established contact with Aileen Edwards, Director of the UFO Contact Center International, Seattle, Washington. For several years, Aileen has been doing excellent work getting people released from mental institutions that... Read more

1989: THE SECRET GOVERNMENT: The Origin, Identity, and Purpose of MJ-12

By Milton William Cooper May 23, 1989 * The Truman Years * 13 Crashed Alien Space Craft in U.S.A. * Above Top Secret Classification * Project SIGN and GRUDGE * Truman Creates CIA by Executive Order * Directive Defines CIA Authority Under NSC-4 * Covert Abilities Expanded * Secretary of Defense Forrestal Objects to Alien Secrecy * Living Alien Rescued at Roswell, New Mexico, 1949 * Alien Biological System Based on Chlorophyll Process * Truman Creates... Read more

1994: Alien Encounters: The Wright-Patterson Connection – Video

1994 ARC Identifier 2788876 / Local Identifier 341-ROSWELL-4. This WDTN-TV Channel 2 Dayton, Ohio video recording is an investigative look at the Roswell “incident.” In it, narrator and producer Carl Day reported on stories of wreckage and alien bodies being shipped to Wright-Patterson Field, he interviewed Kevin Randle and Donald R. Schmitt, authors of “The Truth About the UFO Crash at Roswell,” and conducted numerous interviews with Air Force personnel, a photo analysis expert, and numerous... Read more

1995: The Greys and the Earth Agenda

A 1995 Alex Collier Lecture Interaction Between Gizeh Group and Nazi Germany The Greys made contact with a world governmental body for the first time in 1931. This was in Germany. The Greys were however turned away by the German government, because it had already committed itself to involvement with the Gizeh intelligence. Now, I don’t know if you know who Gizeh intelligence is, but I will tell you that it is a renegade group of... Read more

1999: Executive Order on Invasive Species

February 4, 1999 U.S. Newswire via NewsEdge Corporation : WASHINGTON, Feb. 3 /U.S. Newswire/ — The following was released today by the White House: By the authority vested in me as President by the Constitution and the laws of the United States of America, including the National Environmental Policy Act of 1969, as amended (42 U.S.C.. 4321 et seq.), Indigenous Aquatic Nuisance Prevention and Control Act of 1990, as amended (16 U.S.C. 4701 et seq.), Lacey... Read more

2001: The Birth of The CIA – And Flying Saucers

By Frank Warren frank-warren@pacbell.net 6-13-1 There’s been a lot of speculation on the irony of the “birth of the CIA” in September, of 1947, ( formerly, The Central Intelligence Group) coinciding with all the “flying saucer activity” beginning in June of that year, starting with Kenneth Arnold’s sighting over Mt Rainier to the “crashed discs” in the area of Roswell New Mexico. Some have claimed, that the sole purpose in creating the CIA was to investigate... Read more