1909: Explorations in Grand Canyon

Reptoids Research Center’s Grand Canyon Investigation: John Rhodes Images added. Begin quote” ARIZONA GAZETTE, MONDAY EVENING, APRIL 5, 1909 EXPLORATIONS IN GRAND CANYON ——————- Mysteries of Immense Rich Cavern Being Brought to Light ——————- JORDAN IS ENTHUSED ——————- Remarkable Finds Indicate Ancient People Migrated From Orient The latest news of the progress of the explorations of what is now regarded by scientists as not only the oldest archaeological discovery in the United States, but one of... Read more

1959: We Met The Space People

By Helen & Betty Mitchell (1959) Helen’s Story It all began when my sister, Betty, and I were in a downtown St. Louis coffee shop. We had been shopping and had stopped off to get a coke and refresh ourselves. While in the coffee shop we were approached in a very mannerly way by two gentlemen dressed in grey suits, who managed to interrupt into our private conversation. As they spoke to us we found that... Read more


By Terence Dickinson with related commentary by: Jeffrey L. Kretsch, Carl Sagan, Steven Soter, Robert Schaeffer, Marjorie Fish, David Saunders, and Michael Peck. (C) 1976 by AstroMedia, Corp., publisher of Astronomy Magazine. A faint pair of stars, 220 trillion miles away, has been tentatively identified as the “home base” of intelligent extraterrestrials who allegedly visited Earth in 1961. This hypothesis is based on a strange, almost bizarre series of events mixing astronomical research with hypnosis, amnesia, and alien humanoid creatures. The two stars are... Read more

1977: Vrillon’s Speech with Subtitles – Video

On Saturday November the 26th 1977, at 5.10pm, viewers watching the news on Southern TV in England got a bit of a surprise; the soundtrack suddenly cut out and was replaced by a slow, masculine voice claiming to be someone called Vrilion, an alien who represented the ”Ashtar Galactic Command”. The voice spoke perfect English, but sounded not quite human, or was perhaps electronically distorted. In the background a slow, bass, rhythmic, pulsing tone could be... Read more

1978: The physical appearance of intelligent aliens

SOURCE: Journal of the British Interplanetary Society         Vol 32, pp.99-102,1978   TITLE: THE PHYSICAL APPEARANCE OF INTELLIGENT ALIENS   AUTHOR: N.J. SPALL Bearsted, Nr. Maidstone, Kent, England   ABSTRACT   ————————————————————   There can be little doubt that one of the most important factors that will determine the manner in which our society reacts should contact ever be established with intelligent extraterrestrial (ET) life forms will be the physical appearance, or morphology, of the alien. All... Read more


Perhaps the strangest and most convoluted UFO story of the 1980s concerns allegations from various sources, some of them individuals connected with military and intelligence agencies, that the U.S. government not only has communicated with but has an ongoing relationship with what are known officially as “extraterrestrial biological entities,” or EBEs. The Emenegger/Sandler Saga: The story begins in 1973, when Robert Emenegger and Alan Sandler, two well-connected Los Angeles businessmen, were invited to Norton Air Force... Read more


ABOUT THE INFORMATION ON ALIENS THAT FOLLOWS May 12, 1990 Question: This information on the alien presence, that has not yet been published: Does Awareness suggest that this take priority over the other more spiritual information, because of the possibility that `window’ could close sooner than expected, or does Awareness see this `window’ remaining open and the alien information being sent out over a period of six months or a year and be balanced with other,... Read more

1992: Galactic Family, An Overview of Genotypes

Germane, a group consciousness energy, states that “his” orientation is from a realm of integration that does not have a clear-cut density/dimensional level. The term “germane” in the English language means “significant relevance” or “coming from the same source”. Germane therefore chose this term to somewhat personify his energy. Neither male nor female, he views us as evolving to become him as we begin the process of physical, emotional, mental and spiritual integration, which leads us... Read more


This article was taken from the Arts&Leisure section of the North Shore Sunday newspaper published in Salem, MA dated September 12, 1993: by Alexander Stevens Anthony Constantino’s hypnosis sessions helped four men relive their alleged UFO abductions When you chat with Anthony Constantino, there’s always one inevitable question: “Do you believe them?” “Them” is a group of four friends who went camping on the Allagash Waterway in northern Maine in the summer of 1976. Maybe you... Read more


by Alison Davidson From Borderlands 1993-vol 49, No.2 A fiction no matter how bizarre, if repeated often enough becomes accepted as fact especially if it’s reinforced by the voice of some Authority or other. This goes on all the time, especially in the media and their propaganda bulletins passed as network news, to take an obvious example. But the frightening thing is that once a fabricated belief is established in the mass mind, anyone who tries... Read more