Renowned Scientist Publishes a Series of Historical Artwork Depicting Possible Extraterrestrial Visitation

Sightings of strange objects in the sky have been recorded for a very long time. For example, in 217 BC “at Arpi round shields (parmas) were seen in the sky” (Liv. 22.1.9; Orosius 4.15).  A parma was a small round shield made of iron, bronze, and other metals. According to NASA, “we do not know whether the luster of these devices (and not just their shape) was intended to be an element of the description. Mock... Read more

The Anunnaki Speak: A Message to Earth

“We have left you certain landmarks, placed carefully in different parts of the globe, but most prominently in Egypt where we established our headquarters upon the occasion of our last overt, or, as you would say public appearance. At that time the foundations of your present civilization were ‘laid in the earth’ and the most ancient of your known landmarks established by means that would appear as miraculous to you now as they did to the... Read more

Major New Survey Finds 1 in 5 Americans Now Believes in Ancient Astronauts

Chapman University conducted a survey which asked nearly 1,500 Americans about 88 different fears, and it included their beliefs in the paranormal, the supernatural, and the pseudo scientific. The results were about what you would expect in terms of the 40% of Americans who believe in ghosts and the 18% who feel aliens are currently visiting the earth. I was a bit surprised that only 11% of Americans believe Bigfoot is a real creature, but for... Read more

UFO And Alien Egyptian Artifacts Discovered In Jerusalem Kept Secret By Rockefeller Museum

Alien and UFO circles are abuzz with claims of remarkable ancient Egyptian artifacts discovered in the former Jerusalem home of the famous Egyptologist Sir William Petrie, items that “could rewrite ancient Egyptian history” and indeed the history of the world. A YouTube video released by the website Paranormal Crucible purports to show ancient Egyptian sculpture artifacts originally found in the “Giza complex,” but reportedly taken away from Petrie’s Jerusalem home by representatives of the Rockefeller Archaeological... Read more

The Mysterious Mountain Bird Men of Japan

The world is full of accounts of a myriad of winged monsters that have long captured the imagination of mankind. The far east too had one such creature that has managed to become a curious entity toeing the line between paranormal reality, cryptozoology, and bombastic myth and folklore. The mountains and forests of Japan have long been the domain of a menagerie of bizarre ghosts, ghouls, goblins, and otherworldly creatures, with one of the most well-known... Read more

Maybe Ancient Aliens Are Out There After All

The concept of alien life visiting Earth, particularly in ancient times to plant the seeds of knowledge amidst early human minds, has gone through a renaissance over the last few years. Every few decades, trends (including this one) will appear to go through short little bursts of revitalization, almost like mystery signals leaping from the otherwise desolate void of space, and calling to us with promises of things greater and more distant than ourselves or the knowledge we have attained.... Read more

Surprising Discoveries On Ancient Hindu Texts Describes 7,000-Year-Old Planes That Could Travel To Other Planets; NASA Tries To Stop The Revelations?!

Mahabharata manuscript illustration of the Battle of Kurukshetra (Image from January 5, 2015 –  INDIA – Ancient knives so sharp they could slit a hair in two, 24-carat gold extracted from cow dung and even 7,000-year-old planes that could travel to other planets. Those are just a couple of the startling claims made at this week’s Indian Science Congress. The surprising discoveries based on ancient Hindu texts, such as the Vedas and the Puranas, were presented... Read more

2006: Spirits in the sky

Could aliens be our ancestors? A growing number of UFO cults think so, reports TORI SHEPHERD 18apr06 ACROSS Australia, people are looking to the skies for a saviour. Many people have seen objects in the sky that they could not identify, and many believe that we are not alone in the universe. But there are also people who have built spiritual belief systems around the idea that aliens once came to Earth, and will return one... Read more


Robert Morning Sky is a native American Indian with a interesting story, this story is supposedly the hidden history of Earth and man. Robert has connected Babylonian and Greek mythological legend to extraterrestrial intervention that is still part of our planet today. I met Robert after his presentation at a UFO convention few years ago. His presentation was very entertaining he danced in full Native American Indian headdress as he told us a story. His composure... Read more

Gods or Greys?

Editorial on the subject of Ancient Astronauts… I do not subscribe to the view, as many do, that in order to prove that extraterrestrials visited Earth thousands of years ago, one need only look at ancient structures such as the statues on Easter Island or the pyramids of Egypt. It is my opinion that the ancient people of earth were, in fact, capable of building such structures solely on their own. However, I do firmly believe... Read more