Project SIGMA — How the Secret Government is Selling Your Genome to the Greys

In the 1950s, the US Government decided there was nothing wrong in letting Grey aliens abduct a few humans, if the price was right. Turns out you can’t win a deal with the devil. After shooting down several extraterrestrial flying vehicles and acquiring the advanced technology they carried on-board, the government deemed it very profitable to establish communication channels with the foreign entities. After all, amassing alien hi tech would grant the US technological superiority both... Read more

Plausible Origin of the Grey

 is alleged that several species of extraterrestrial origin have visited our planet in the past or continue to visit today; and, in some conspiracy claptrap, are walking amongst us in disguise, are collaborating with select government factions, and have even created a human-extraterrestrial hybrid to gradually populate earth with their species.  Why they are here, if that is the case, is beyond the scope of this book–for our purpose is only to investigate whether or not... Read more

The Greys: UFOs From The Hollow Earth

By “Kirt A. Dankmyer — aka Loki” <> This adventure can be played seriously, for laughs, or both ways… Recently, there has been an upswing of UFO sightings and reported abductions in the area, including cattle mutilations. If the PCs are angels, a favored servant is abducted, tortured, and left, Essence-free, in the middle of a field a nervous wreck, able to do little besides recount the experience. If the PCs are demons, or don’t have... Read more

1992: Star Warriors The Hopis & the Greys

I found this interesting series of information that had been reposted on the Newsgroup relating a knowledge that the Hopis have of ETs and the Greys. It seemed to fit perfectly into this section of our Web considering we discuss the Hopi Prophecy in our New Age Section. These series of papers seem to link together many aspects of Prophecy and information shared of what is going on behind the scenes involving contacts with Extraterrestrials and... Read more

The Government and the Greys

The following is a transcript of information found in a document which was released by researcher L. M. Graham. Copies of the original document can be obtained from PEA Research., Milpitas, CA 95035, along with other documentation concerning secret technologies allegedly possessed and utilized by secret governmental organizations as well as documentation and information on a possible interaction between deep government groups and a race of small non-human entities commonly known as the ‘Greys’. Areas in the document where (XXXXXX) appears indicates... Read more

The Greys

One of the main types of extraterrestrials you see on billboards and different types of commercials nowadays are the little space people we call the Greys.  Here is some information about these less than perfect beings. Let us now investigate the ET group, we have been calling the “greys’ who are seen by some of the more recent authors of the ET literature, as being at least partially responsible for the generally miserable condition most of humanity has been wallowing in throughout... Read more

Greys – good or evil?

It is to simple to say that they are good or evil. From their acting we tend to say they are evil, because they do not ask for our permission to interfere on earth. We feel to be the owners of our planet and our lives. But who came first, the grey or the sapiens? If they raise us like we raise our children, they have the right to direct our lifes and even to harm... Read more

1995: An Alien Harvest 2.6

Evidence of Grey Origins and Reasons for Human Abduction version 2.6 Written and Compiled by: Dragonbane Please Direct any questions to by E-mail to: Among the mysteries of modern ufology is the origin of the entities know as the Greys. These small beings are the most commonly observed entities reported by abductees aboard extraterrestrial craft, and are believed to be the ones most responsible for human abductions. There are many things that we do know... Read more

Leaked footage of Alien (Skinny Bob) from Zeta Reticula. UFO crash survivor?

Alien footage leaked of Roswell UFO crash survivor  Michael Cohen  Old footage showing a “grey” type alien who might have been a survivor of the Roswell UFO crash that occurred over sixty years ago in New Mexico has been released onto the Internet. The black and white clip is allegedly part of a much larger collection of footage that was filmed by government agents working on top secret UFO and alien matters between the years... Read more


Small neo-sauroid race, very prolific and intelligent. May be the ‘brains’ or ‘intellect’ of the serpent race, whereas the larger ‘Reptoids’ allegedly act as the PHYSICAL overlords and thus are of a higher ‘ranking’ than the Greys. The Greys are reportedly very predatory and insensitive to humans, and like other reptilian entities they allegedly ‘feed’ off of human fluids by rubbing the ‘protein formula‘ on their bodies, which is then absorbed into the skin, and like... Read more