1998: Mantis Type Aliens?

by Robert M. Collins                    10-13-98 Derrel Sims of  F.I.R.S.T (address & phone number below) just recently sent me an artist sketch of a recent abduction case in Houston Texas of a  “Mantis type creature” looking over a female lying unconscious and apparently nude on a table: Because of artist copyright considerations only a modified sketch is shown here with the above “Insect Mantis” picture: I think it pretty obvious that both the... Read more

Graying Mantis

by Martin S. Kotttmeyer What, I wonder, is the desired reaction of an author who asks a question like, “Was Jehovah perhaps a praying mantis being?” The ufologist asking this question is one Joe Lewels and to all appearances he is not kidding. He frames his question in a context of mysteries about why God would not reveal his countenance to his chosen ones like Moses. Answer yes and the Israelites would have been horrified. He... Read more