Speculating about what aliens look like

Thinking about what aliens might look like has fascinated humans for thousands of years. Luckily, new technology has allowed scientists to make major discoveries as they continue an exciting mission to find extraterrestrial life. Data from the Kepler Space Observatory suggests that in the Milky Way Galaxy alone, there may be over 2 billion planets capable of supporting life. In a discovery on February 22, 2017, astronomers found 7 Earth-size planets 40 light-years away! This is... Read more

What Psychology Says About Extraterrestrial Belief

NASA has discovered a mysterious satellite they call the ‘Black Knight’ in orbit around Earth. Theorists believe it is a UFO from another civilized planet. Skeptics dismiss it as space junk. Extraterrestrial enthusiasts argue heatedly with cynics. How could the ancient Egyptians Have assembled pyramids that were architecturally advanced for their time if not for help from space? Even Albert Einstein said that time travel is possible if we can beat the speed of light. The... Read more

Scientific Proof that Humans can Contact Other Beings Directly in Real Time Anywhere in the Universe

Combining science and spirituality big time! Drunvalo Melchizidek attended a scientific meeting in Albuquerque with about 40 other scientists and physicists in April of 2014 to discuss the above mentioned topic. I found this interview here to be fascinating listening when I heard it about 6-9 months ago. I recently recalled it and looked it up to share with you here. The bonus now was that I discovered that Milou had also done an extra video... Read more

Are We On The Verge Of Finding Extraterrestrial Life

The Nexss team, includes those who study Earth as a life-bearing planet (lower right), those researching the diversity of solar system planets (left), and those on the new frontier, discovering worlds orbiting other stars in the galaxy (upper right) May 6, 2015 –  SPACE – NASA claims we’ll find aliens in the next 10 to 20 years – and now the agency is revving up its efforts to track them down. NASA beefs up its team of... Read more

NASA Confirms Extraterrestrial Life DOES Exist On Other Planets

by Dave Snelling Aliens really do exist! That’s the amazing news that space boffins at NASA have confirmed this week. The US space agency has spoken for the first time about life on other planets and they are certain it DOES exist. Having made the astonishing claims during a conference in Washington, NASA now hopes to scour the universe in hope of finding these alien life-forms. And they are planning to use some of the world’s... Read more

Scientists Make Astonishing Discovery Of ‘Ghost Particle’ In Earth’s Atmosphere – Is It Proof Of Alien Life?!

The ghost particle, so named because it resembles a thin wisp of smoke, is believed by researchers at the University of Sheffield and University of Buckingham to be proof of extraterrestrial life forms. (Photo : Sheffield University via Daily Express) January 25, 2015 –  SPACE – A group of astrobiologists at the Universities of Sheffield and Buckingham have released the image of the specter-looking particle to the Daily Express. The particle, which is 10 microns in width... Read more

Thoughts On ETs By Albert Einstein In A Newly Released Digital Papers

Early in December 2014, Albert Einstein’s digital papers were released and many were excited to know about any mention of space travel from the great man’s work. While Einstein died two years earlier than the launch of Sputnik 1 in 1957, the theory about rocket flight had existed for many decades by that time. Many people were theorizing about it, including Hermann Oberth, a physicist from Germany. The first digital release, however, only covers the life... Read more

We Will Encounter Superintelligence Much Older than the Human Species

World renowned experts from physicist Sir Martin Rees of Cambridge University to astrobiologist Paul Davis of Arizona State have asked that if we were to encounter alien technology far superior to our own, would we even realize what it was. A technology a million or more years in advance of ours would appear miraculous. “I think it very likely – in fact, inevitable – that biological intelligence is only a transitory phenomenon… If we ever encounter extraterrestrial... Read more

University of California Scientists: ‘Camouflaged’ Aliens Live Among Us

Scientists of the University of California came up with an unusual hypothesis suggesting that space aliens have long settled on Earth and lived among us as observers. Of course, there is no evidence of this, but according to ancient sources, including the Bible, our planet has been visited by representatives of extraterrestrial civilizations since its inception. In 2000 scientists of the University of California, led by Professor Jonathan Malkisom, held a press conference, during which the... Read more

1998: Alien Implant Removals

Five Abductees Discuss Before and After Effects by Eve Frances Lorgen, M.A. Several years after the surgical removal of their alleged alien implants, five individuals courageously accepted to take part in an interview to discuss their “before and after effects”. All persons, one male and four females, shared one thing in common: UFO encounters and contact with non-human alien beings. Dr. Roger Leir, a podiatrist from Thousand Oaks, California, founder of FIRST (Fund for Interactive Research... Read more