Project Serpo – The Exchange Program Between Humans and Aliens

In 2005, an anonymous source sent a series of emails to a UFO Discussion Group led by former U.S. Government Employee Victor Martinez. These emails detailed the existence of an Exchange Program between the U.S. Government and the Ebens – alien beings from Serpo, a planet from the Zeta Reticuli Star System. The program was thus called Project Serpo. The source identified himself as a retired employee of the government, claiming he had participated in a... Read more

Albert Coe’s UFO Contact in 1920!!

Albert Coe was as a teenager on a trip to the mountains of Canada. It was June 1920. They were to drift down the river in a canoe. Sometimes they had to carry the canoe by falls. One late evening Albert heard a far cry for help, while his friend was further down looking up the coming way. In a narrow cleft/gap, was a young, man fallen, fatally hurt, and not able to come out by... Read more

UFO Contact from the Pleiades – Chapter 5b

Before returning to our original “ET-texts”, we suddenly find it necessary to suspend progress and continue with the subject of ozone depletion, because only two months after the Newsweek article, this subject has become of even greater importance. It now turns out that the scientists who were calling the shots were so surprised and so unsure of their own findings that they watered them down considerably before releasing them, and now they have confirmed the worst.... Read more

UFO Contact from the Pleiades – Chapter 5f

AND FROM ANOTHER SOURCE   (not from Meier) There are other more serious conditions produced by man which are having an even greater destructive effect on our ionosphere, which may already be irreparably out of control. A UFO contactee in Minnesota, who also is told by his entirely human extraterrestrial visitors that they are coming from what we call the Pleiades, who has been visited by them since his first abduction in 1958, has carried on... Read more

UFO Contact from the Pleiades – Chapter 5e

There was considerable discussion of plans and missions and a number of other things, and the transmission Meier received in that first “sitting” after his return filled scores of pages. We have only been able to abstract c little here, disconnected parts that seemed to be of special interest to casual students of this phenomenon, or that might answer some of the scores of questions so often raised about this case. The whole thing is highly... Read more

UFO Contact from the Pleiades – Chapter 5d

That hyper leap over, Meier asks where they are now, as he recognizes nothing familiar outside. Semjase – / Ptaah – have reached our goal. Meier- Better explain to me now, just what are we actually going to do here? Semjase has said to me that she would have to execute here a special task?   Semjase – Just let yourself be surprised my dear friend. After about ten minutes you will understand all, and surely,... Read more

UFO Contact from the Pleiades – Chapter 5c

You mentioned something in the last meeting. You told me that I could once came with you to the Pleiades. Semjase – Surely, but this will only be a short part of a larger trip, because the aim, seen from Earth, is many light years distance. Meier- me dear – that is fantastic. I only wanted to take photographs there. By regret, the last pictures have nearly all been … about the travel to Saturn. Either... Read more

UFO Contact from the Pleiades – Chapter 5a

He has had the expenses of filming and developing a large number of pictures, supplies to keep going, the extra expenses of visitors using up what little resource he had, and the expense of always running all over the place to deliver and pick up film and for processing, meeting the extraterrestrials and carrying out various errands given him, and still keep his friends from be-coming impatient and angry with him. We have came to agree... Read more

UFO Contact from the Pleiades – Chapter 7

CHAPTER 7 Other Pleiadian UFOnauts When I started my investigation of the Pleiadian UFO contacts in Switzerland in late 1976, they had already been going on for over a year and a half, kept in relative secrecy within a closed group, and very little of the true nature of the contacts was getting out. Up to that time I had never heard of UFO contacts from the Pleiades before, and the whole idea was fascinating and... Read more

UFO Contact from the Pleiades – Chapter 6

Chapter 6: Other Atmospheric Planets After the meetings with the DALs, and the exchange of equipment, the Pleiadian ship made a number of hyperleap trips to various locations, and sometimes things of interest were pointed out to Meier. One of those areas of special interest to us is the variety of other atmospheric planets mentioned and their apparent frequency in the widths of the cosmos. The thirty-fourth contact was a face-to-facemeeting on Sunday, 14 September 1975.... Read more