The Coming of the Cassiopaeans

For almost five years these pages have consisted almost exclusively of the original, verbatim transcripts from the “superluminal communication” sessions with “us in the future,” also known as the Sixth Density Light Beings In Service to Others, the Cassiopaeans. Having seen so many examples of “Voices of Higher Beings” falling into corruption through ego or anticipations and expectations of others, I endeavored with fervent determination to keep myself, my ego, my story and anything of a... Read more

The Coming of the Cassiopaeans 3

During all of these events, there was a constant growing estrangement between me and my husband who was completely skeptical about any “phenomena,” even that which he had witnessed; and there was absolutely no support given to me in my struggles to understand what was happening to my clients and to me. He was contemptuous of my dedication to help all of this suffering – to find answers for all of us. His answer was to... Read more

The Coming of the Cassiopaeans 2

The year passed. It was now 1993 and we had been engaged in our “experiment” for some time. Meanwhile, a local 12 year old girl was reported missing. I was very shaken by it because, when her photo was displayed on the television, she looked so much like my number two daughter that I almost began to cry! I was surprised by my emotional reaction! And, even more surprised when I “saw” in my mind’s eye... Read more