The Anunnaki Speak: A Message to Earth

“We have left you certain landmarks, placed carefully in different parts of the globe, but most prominently in Egypt where we established our headquarters upon the occasion of our last overt, or, as you would say public appearance. At that time the foundations of your present civilization were ‘laid in the earth’ and the most ancient of your known landmarks established by means that would appear as miraculous to you now as they did to the... Read more


Name: Anunnaki AKA: Mantindane? Location – Home System: Nibiru (Sirius B and the Orion) The planet is supposedly on an elliptical orbit with earth and comes around every 3500 years. Its also suggested that these aliens are the ascendants of the latest version of Cro-Magnon Man, mated with human species because they found us genetically compatible. In other words they are supposedly the missing link. Distance from Earth: Attitude: Motives:The main activities of the Anunnaki are to influence... Read more