Ever wondered why no one has set foot on the Moon for decades? And why there’s no permanent outpost already established there? Is it because the Moon is not a viable celestial body to harness, or maybe because all of the above mentioned are already happening, but we are not being told about it? The answer to these questions may be easier than first anticipated, but complex at the same time. Dr. Michael Salla has pointed... Read more

REAL or HOAX? UFO Experts Warn of “Cosmic False Flag” Event!!!

Claims that deep state will fake alien invasion to achieve totalitarian control over humanity Natural News| Now for something completely different… As our world become ever more strange by the day, numerous UFO experts are warning about what might be the most bizarre event in human history: A “cosmic false flag” where, they claim, desperate governments of the world stage a massive fake alien invasion to finally complete their goal of ensuring total human obedience under a never-ending “the... Read more


According to a story circulating in the UFO and alien conspiracy theory blogosphere, a British Police Sergeant had an encounter with Tall White Aliens on July 6, 2009. The aliens were allegedly inspecting a freshly-made crop circle in a field in Wiltshire, England, when the police officer, who was off-duty at the time, encountered them. The mystery of the incident was reportedly compounded by the refusal of Wiltshire Police to comment when contacted by local UFO... Read more

Do You Belong to an Extraterrestrial Lineage?

According to Sitchin’s interpretation of Mesopotamian iconography and symbolism, outlined in his 1976 book The 12th Planet and its sequels, there is an undiscovered planet beyond Neptune that follows a long, elliptical orbit, reaching the inner solar system roughly every 3,600 years. This planet is called Nibiru (although Jupiter was the planet associated with the god Marduk in Babylonian cosmology).   According to Sitchin, Nibiru (whose name was replaced with MARDUK in original legends by the... Read more

Aliens Are Real Says The Founding Father Of The Internet Dr Jacques Vallee

Despite the fact that mainstream media accounts like to portray those who believe in extra-terrestrial life and UFOs as oddballs and fringe figures, many distinguished and highly accomplished individuals have come forward to discuss their belief in these otherworldly activities here on Earth. Of these thousands of credible witnesses, coming from the fields of politics, academia and the military, perhaps the most distinguished of all is Dr. Jacques Valle.  FORMER NASA SCIENTIST SPEAKS OUT ABOUT THE... Read more

NASA and Russia Received Three Detailed Messages from Alien Planet

In an attempt, to reach Earth, an alien species sent out three detailed messages. NASA and Russia were the first to get them and the findings are beginning to baffle scientists. NASA AND RUSSIA GET ALIEN MESSAGE FROM STAR When astronomers first felt the spike in radio signals from a distant star, they were all too excited. The sources of this signal came from the sun-like star called HD 164595. Not exactly a catchy name but that’s... Read more

These Four Malevolent Alien Races Are Hostile To Humanity

Perhaps one of the oldest questions we as a species have had about extraterrestrial life is that if we made contact with interstellar beings, would their intentions be hostile or friendly? Visitors from beyond the stars would possess technology eras beyond our understanding to be able to come from a point beyond the massive universe we currently perceive. THESE ALIEN SPECIES WOULD LIKE TO KILL US Said beings would be able to use their technology for... Read more

The Kardashev Scale – Type I, II, III, IV & V Civilization

We have reached a turning point in society. According to renowned theoretical physicist Michio Kaku, the next 100 years of science will determine whether we perish or thrive. Will we remain a Type 0 civilization, or will we advance and make our way into the stars? Experts assert that, as a civilization grows larger and becomes more advanced, its energy demands will increase rapidly due to its population growth and the energy requirements of its various machines. With this... Read more

If YOU Don’t Change, We Will REMOVE You – NASA warns about the ET’s Agenda

This is NOT a fear mongering article, but instead a very real article about the true possibilities of WHY the ET Beings are here.  The Human Race as whole are very destructive creatures and sadly the earth and all of the other living things on this planet are feeling the price for our ‘greed and aggression’ In a very recent study conducted by top researchers at the ‘ University of Pennsylvania  and the  NASA  and published in the academic journal  Acta Astronautics  ( Would Contact... Read more

Homo Sapiens is Part Alien

My theory is that alien visitors have helped the development of humans. We humans and the world’s ancient monuments are evidence for this theory. Genetic evidence indicates when humans left Africa all known people on Earth had dark skin, dark eyes and dark hair. Michael Holick, a professor Boston University School of Medicine who indicates when our ancestors left Africa they adjusted their skin tone to allow in more sunlight to get more Vitamin D. Essentially,... Read more