Name: Dragon Worms


Location  – Home System: 

Distance from Earth:



Physical Appearance:

  • Average Height:
  • Average Weight:
  • Body Temperature:
  • Pulse/Respiration:
  • Blood Pressure:
  • Life Expectancy:
  • Hair:
  • Skin:
  • Sex:
  • Life Expectancy:

Other Physical Information: These creatures are largely subterranean and have been reported on very rare occasions. Although a mutation of the serpent race which lost the use of it’s limbs through centuries of atrophication, it is nevertheless apparently a part of the reptilian ‘conspiracy’.

The ‘Dragon Worms‘ are allegedly very intelligent, according so certain sources. ‘ They’ have sometimes been described as appearing similar to a giant ‘worm’ or ‘slug’

Special Traits and Abilities:

Communication Type: 


Life Form Type:  Reptilians


Most Common Species:

Level of Species:


Transportation Type:

Witnesses Reports:

Special Features/Characteristics: 

Summary/Description: These are a type of subterranean tunnel making reptilians that have been adapted or they have evolved as such because of many decades of subterranean existence. some are described as digging adapted salamander like humanoid creatures, some as elongated burrowing humanoid lizards or burrowing humanoid snakes or worms, and some just as big, ugly, scaled, creatures that dug giant worm like tunnels. 




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