Editorial on the subject of Ancient Astronauts…

I do not subscribe to the view, as many do, that in order to prove that extraterrestrials visited Earth thousands of years ago, one need only look at ancient structures such as the statues on Easter Island or the pyramids of Egypt. It is my opinion that the ancient people of earth were, in fact, capable of building such structures solely on their own.

However, I do firmly believe that the human race has been visited on an almost continual basis since the dawn of civilization. If one looks at early cave paintings and the art of ancient civilizations all over the world, as well as historical record, reoccurring themes of spaceships and “aliens” in spacesuits can clearly be observed. These extraterrestrials were naturally viewed as gods and most likely influenced our ancestors in ways that surpass mere artistic inspiration – this much, I am certain of.

Others go further, speculating how advanced alien visitors created or hastened the evolution of our species through genetic means. While I am not sure whether I am totally convinced of this or not, I do believe that it is a plausible notion that should be taken seriously.

UFOs are not a modern-day phenomenon. Sightings around the globe have been the substance of legend, as well as documented historical record, for thousands of years.

A few examples…

3,400 year old papyrus scrolls belonging to Egyptian Pharaoh Thutmose III describe a group of fiery circles that were seen flying through the sky over his army.

Ancient Indian Sanskrit texts describe gods who fought in the sky on flying machines equipped with deadly weapons.

Historical record states that several “wonderfully constructed aerial ships” appeared over Lyons, France between 830 and 833 AD. These ships were witnessed by hundreds of people, a few of which were taken aboard the crafts. Archbishop Agobard rescued and later interviewed a small group of abductees who were attacked by frightened mobs upon their return.

A 16th century woodcutting depicts a scene in which dark spheres were witnessed hovering over the town of Basel, Switzerland in 1566.

Chinese legend states that an alien base was located in the Kun Lun mountains, and was used by the “immortals who flew from their secret sanctuary to the stars.”

UFOs were frequently seen over England and France in the 8th and 9th centuries. Charlemagne, Emperior of France, called them the “evil spirits of the air.”

According to legends told throughout Europe for thousands of years, the Incubus and the Sucubus (small male and female “demons”) visit people in the night for sexual encounters. How similar is this to modern-day cases involving aliens taking egg and sperm samples from unwilling participants in the middle of the night?

Alexander the Great reported witnessing UFOs observing one of his battles from the air.

The following passage was translated from Egyptian hieroglyphics dating back to the 15th century BC … “A circle of fire coming in the sky, noiseless, one rod long with its body and one rod wide. After some days these things became more numerous, shining more than the brightness of the sun.”

All over the world, ancient drawings of beings with large, round heads have been discovered – often with lines radiating from them. Were these helmets of some type? Did the lines represent a glow, or radiation of light?

The Nazca Lines

In the Nazca plateaus of Peru can be found dozens of enormous pictures and lines carved into the ground. Created by the ancient Nazca people thousands of years ago, these criss-crossing lines stretch for miles and the drawings of animals are so large that they can only be viewed from the air.

Many speculate that these lines were in fact from ancient aliens, while the disbelievers never answer the questions regarding how the ancient people did them then?

Do these ancient drawings and artwork provide concrete evidence?

Of course not. But when viewed collectively, they can present a convincing argument.

The Palenque Relief Diagram of the Mayan relief discovered in Mexico in 1935. Depicts an astronaut at the controls of an Apollo-like craft, with smoke coming from underneath. Japanese statue Is it wearing a spacesuit with goggles?

Fresco found in the Sahara Dated 6000 BC, it could be wearing a ceremonial mask, or a space helmet.

The Navoy Drawing Does this depict a flying saucer?

Mexican carving There seems to be a man at the controls of a little, round craft in the center of this artwork found in Mexico.

10,000 year old drawings of camels and lions have been found in South America. These species never existed in the Western hemisphere.

Rock drawing from Peru Perhaps the ancient artists who created this actually saw an X-ray machine in use once.

Assyrian carving Could the object hovering in the sky be a flying machine