My name is Michael I am 44 years old living in Santa Rosa california

Hi There

My name is Michael I am 44 years old living in Santa Rosa california

I have a true story to share with you.

when I was 10 years old I was playing in a cave in Paradise utah a friend and I were exploring when we ran into a ship,. a spacecraft I thought it was man made it looked like a black disk. I went to touch it and it was ice cold and when I touched it a low murmur was heard and out of thin air a brown greenish red reptilian creature materialized out of nowhere and talked to me telepathically and I was scared he or it controlled my mind for me not to be scared and I wasnt scared  my friend was taken by these creatures and never seen from again,. his name was Travis Walters

I asked this reptilian soldier where he was taking Travis and the being said he is our dinner,. I almost passed out in sheer terror,. I didnt ask why they didnt eat me but they live off of negative energy and human blood,. They are not from this dimension they are from the 4th density and they are ninjas with super strength and athleticism  After Travis was taken I was told never to return to the cave and if I did they would kill me and anyone who came to check my story out.

I was then mind controlled to walk back out of this deep cave with no name and my memory of this incident was wiped clean by the reptilian creature. The memories came back to me when I was 32 I saw a snake that had a strange resemblance to the creature in the cave and the memories came back. No one believes me to this day and I didnt report Travis’s disappearance to the police because I didnt remember till I was 32.

22 years after this incident I wanted to tell the UTAH police but my parents talked me out it. Travis is still missing to this day. Another thing is these creatures can go into your dreams somehow and I have been in communications with them for years but I never tell anyone.

I feel like I am doing something wrong by sharing my story with you, I hope I am not punished by these being for telling you because they told me they would return into my life if I visited the cave. To this day I am scared to hell just thinking about what they did to Travis.

Thank you

Michael T.

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