Alien Groups in Literature

group beings place vehicle etc.   Adama; +Bonnie Telos (city under Mt. Shasta); Aurora (planet)   Aenstria Caellsan, Selorik, +Traellison; Karne Aenstria (planet) cantel “planet”   Akon Meton (planet in orbit of Alpha Centauri)     Andra-o-leeka & +Mondra-o-leeka; +Aura Rhanes Clarion (“planet hidden on the other side of the sun”); Oreon (planet) scow “spaceship”: Vea-o-mus (spaceship) Melchizedek Order of the White Brotherhood Anoah     Anunnaki   Nibiru, Maldek (planet)     Artemis Miranda (planet)   back   Lioaki (planet)   Habanas (warriors of God) David, +Corinthian Landa (world)   Venusians Frank & +Frances   X-12 (mother ship,... Read more


Name: The Procyon AKA: Location  – Home System: Just above the star Sirius in the evening sky. The brightest star in the Constellation of Canis Minoris, Procyon is a binary star with only the inner, or A, star having inhabitable planets. The Procyon-A star system consists of six relatively small planets. The human colony occupies the fourth planet, while the Amphiboid-Reptoid colonies are located on the second and third planets from the star. Distance from Earth: About 11.4 Light Years from Earth. Attitude: Motives: Physical Appearance: Average Height: Average Weight: Body Temperature: Pulse/Respiration: Blood Pressure: Life Expectancy: Hair: Skin: Sex: Life Expectancy: Other Physical Information: Galactic... Read more