Reptilian Encounter

I’ve had a terrifying experience with those reptilians like 4 times, but it happens to me if i sleep on my back, & also happened twice when on my side. the first time was really scary, i was sleeping on my back when i suddenly woke up and felt someone huge on top of me pressing down on my arms really hard, and i could feel its breath on my face, but at first i was so scared to open my eyes, but after like 5 seconds i open my eyes & there it was right in my f***kin’ face,i remember it was wearing like a graduation gown but with a hood,but it’s face was not green it was more like reddish clay,like a redskin indian,scales,sharp teeth, i wanted too yell but could not.

then all of a sudden it opened it’s bigass mouth and started breathing so freaking hard at my face,i could feel its breath sort of as if there was on fan on set on medium speed.thought i was going to die,but then it just vanished,then i sat up fast my pulse was really quick,sweating,confused, my arms felt sore where i had felt it holding me down, i did not sleep that hole night after that. the 2nd time i felt the same presence but at the foot of my bed & i sat up so quick but it vanished,the 3rd time i was sleeping on my right side when i felt the same f**kin’ presence but this time it was standing on top of my bed behind me & i could feel it staring, i wanted to yell for help,but no sound, tried to sit up but no luck,i wanted to kick the sh*t out of it off my bed,i got so mad that i just started cursing in my head, then it just left,vanished,disappeared.

the 4th time i was again on my right side when i saw light by my tv sort of like a portal looking thing opening, and before it expanded more i was able to sit up on my bed  & when i sat up it shrunk & vanished. the stargate,portal,whatever it was grew to the size of a 6 inch speaker (circumference) all of that happened before i even knew who the so called reptilians are, then one day i came across some website about it, & it had peoples comments about their experiences, & all that came to my attention because some of them were sort of the same as mine,and i was like what the f**k, also my mom & dad & sister & cousin have told me that they have had some experience,and i suspect that it’s a reptilian experience but they dont know anything about the reptilians, i’ve never talked about it to them, they think it’s either a dream or ghost,but for some reason i definitely think it’s a reptilian.

now i’m scared to sleep on my back, and have not since ,what i’m wondering is can they kill you because i thought that i was going to die when i saw that Lizard son of a bitch

Salvador Reyes [kreeper97@&&&&&.$$$]

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