NASA Releases Free E-Book On Decoding Extraterrestrial Messages

NASA has put out a free, fascinating e-book exploring the possibility of human/extraterrestrial communication.  The 300-page book, which has chapters written by more than a dozen different scholars, looks to archaeology and anthropology for clues to decoding extraterrestrial messages, should they ever arrive. In his introduction to the volume, editor Douglas A. Vakoch explains, “Like archaeologists who reconstruct temporally distant civilizations from fragmentary evidence, SETI [Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence] researchers will be expected to reconstruct distant civilizations... Read more

1999: The Great Experiment

THE PLAN THE PURPOSE In the previous articles we looked at the background as to what is transpiring in and on the outer reaches of our Solar system, and who is involved. Now let us look for an explanation as to why these events are unfolding at this time. THE EXPERIMENT Approximately 500,000 years ago, TERRA (planet earth) experienced a severe orbital problem (tile to a glancing blow from a passing meteorite. This resulted in a... Read more

Memories before the Flood

Sirius A / B – This is the Original Homeworld of the Feline Family line, these have been expressed in Egyptian Mythology [Sekhmet, Bekhat]. I also notate a very curious relationship in between the Orcas and Whales with Sirius. I see Sirius as one of the main original star systems with planets where the Higher Harmonic form of many Earth Based Mamallian creatures originate from. I see an especially strong connection to the The Felines (the Lion People),... Read more