Here is an alternative viewpoint our website has received via anonymous e-mail. I will try to be as brief as possible and give you an outline of the fact as I’ve come to know them in regards to “aliens” and so-on: In Edenic times three “intelligences” were at work in Eden: 1: the Luciferians who opposed Gods plan; 2: The Serpentines who were somewhat humanoid and very intelligent (refer to the cunning Velociraptors in the movie... Read more


AN ‘ANONYMOUS’ SOURCE ‘MAY’ HAVE ‘INTERCEPTED’ THE FOLLOWING ‘SUBSPACE TRANSMISSION’ [BEGIN TRANSMISSION] From: Draculi-Levithon IV-0094736 Commander of the Alpha Draco Regional Contingent Ephraim [Canada] & Mannassah [USA] sectors Solar-3 [Terra] Infiltration force Station-D, Level-VII To: Rashtikarsh-Draculon IX-0006476 Central Commander Alpha Draconian Galactic Intelligence Force 664th degree Terminal #3 – Central Nexus Command Planet Typhon, Alpha Draconia Glorious and Exalted One, I send you my humble greetings. Might and power be to your holy and majestic name,... Read more


In prehistoric times a hi-tech society of pre-Nordic humans waged war with reptiloids based in Antarctica, the war ended with the reptiloids being driven underground [below India] while the humanoids established their own civilization beneath Mongolia. The humanoids and reptiloids develop further technology enabling them to reach beyond planet earth. The species war continues off- planet, and is carried to the moon, to mars, and eventually to the stars. The humanoids establish a colony in Rigel... Read more


The following is a message delivered to a “contactee”, from an alleged member of an interplanetary confederation who goes by the name of “K.H.”. This information comes from the book “MYSTERIOUS SIGNS IN THE SKY”, by Israel Norkin, 1984, Exposition Press, Smithtown N.Y. A similar exposition from an alleged Federation member can be found at… this site K.H. – …Beware of false prophets because they come in sheep’s clothing and, unfortunately, some actually think they’re working... Read more


Name: Benevolents AKA: Location  – Home System:  Distance from Earth: Attitude: Motives: reportedly working at the Test Site with MJ-12  Physical Appearance: Average Height: Average Weight: Body Temperature: Pulse/Respiration: Blood Pressure: Hair: Skin: Eyes: Life Expectancy: Other Physical Information: Blond-Nordic and/or Aryan-like’ Special Traits and Abilities: Communication Type:  Origin: Life Form Type: Sub Species: Most Common Species: Level of Species: Habits: Transportation Type: Witnesses Reports: Summary/Description: The BENEVOLENT TEACHINGS [not limited to the below] were identified as follows: “DISCOURAGED —... Read more


Name: Sirians AKA: Location  – Home System: Sirius Distance from Earth: 8.7 light years  Attitude: Assisting in building a suitable ecological system for (human) evolution on Earth by altering the ‘bio-magnetic energy grid’ of the planet. Motives: With regard to the inhabitants of Sirius, one should keep in mind that the Sirian system is the home of many galactic species, both physical and non-physical, humanoid and non-humanoid. Most of these races are quite benevolent towards mankind. But it is important to... Read more