From The AMERICAN SOCIETY OF DOWSERS – Fall 1996 Edition © 21 March 1996 SUMMARY ASD staff has suggested a follow-up paper on the unusual dowse reported in our Fall 1995 issue. Contained in this follow-up article are: A more detailed report commenting as to how this unusual dowse was accomplished. A review of the astronomical literature indicates that planets have been found orbiting the star systems previously dowsed as having solar systems hosting sentient life. Some... Read more

2008: The Basic Plasma Metaphysics Theory in 3+1 Dimensions

According to plasma metaphysics (Jay Alfred, Our Invisible Bodies, 2006), the physical-dense Earth is gravitationally coupled to a counterpart dark matter Earth composed of low density plasma. This “sister” Earth was co-accreted with the physical-dense Earth about 4.6 billion years ago from dark matter components in the embryonic Solar System. Plasma Life Forms evolved on this counterpart Earth, just like it did on the visible planet. These life forms were as varied in scale, structure and... Read more