Earth Was Chosen To Be A Prison Planet

Science has proven that “hominids” have lived on this planet for a very long time. It has also proven that Homo Sapiens Sapiens (Cro-Magnon or Modern man) have not. Our ancestors were quarantined to Earth in order to stop, or at the very least isolate, the spread of mental illness, crime and murder. And, like our ancestors, we are prone to exhibiting the same criminal behavior and mental illness. It is an inescapable part of our nature.... Read more

1998: Roger Cleans Portals across the Central U.S.

Battles over Kennedy Mountain Portal Ownership DEFINITIONS OF PORTALS, STARGATES, WORMHOLES (From Roger) They are all energy vortices. I am not really clear on all the differences, but from my perspective, it really comes down to what they connect to. Any Portal, Stargate or Wormhole is much like the Chakras in our bodies and auric fields. Chakras are much alike in that they are all vortexes, but they make different connections. Our Higher Chakras serve to... Read more

Reptiles/Serpents/Lizards in History / Mythology / Religion

The bible frequently refers to demons and devils as serpents or serpentine creatures which live within the earth (stating the obvious). Ancient Hebrew religious texts refer to the serpent of the garden of Eden as “Nachash”, which many Hebrew scholars contend was a bipedal or hominid reptile of great intelligence. Consider why a serpent would be the biblical animal in Genesis that tempted Eve. It is also known through studies of evolution that the limbs of... Read more


By David Icke I witnessed a “channeling” session this week in England, performed by a channel/medium I was very impressed with. As readers of my books will know, I am extremely wary of channeled information because while on occasions it can come from a high and enlightened source, much of it is very low level or, frankly, a sham. However, I felt that this channel was one of those who is truly gifted and a wealth of... Read more

Aliens: Angels or Demons

Many people, especially with Christian background, are afraid of the UFO phenomena and usually perceive it as the influences of the devil or keep another fear pattern against it. I found this fragment on alt.alien.visitors (kind of rude newsgroup) who might show two different Christian point of views on the UFO phenomena: Someone wrote: … According to the Bible; So as it was in the days of Moses, So shall it be in the last days.... Read more


Note: as this story unfolds, the events demonstrate the increasing power Roger and Jack were being given to counteract this menace. Their use of it demonstrates their sense of responsibility in using whatever means that were necessary to counteract the threat of three Alien races in an alliance bent on conquering the earth, without causing unnecessary loss of alien life. These feats described are typical of what is waiting for all of us when we ascend... Read more


This is Part 3, and the final part of my story about the Orion “Lizards” or “Changelings”. But probably the most important thing to realize is that all the wars between the Changeling and Aryans against the Reptilian races are still going on right here and now, right here on Earth. All of the races here on Earth are related genetically to one of these races. But it goes beyond genetics, it gets into consciousness and... Read more


This is Part 2 of 3 of my story about the Orion Lizards or Changelings. So now I will jump forward to a time that I get was approximately 450,000 years ago. I cannot be absolutely certain of the time, but I do know what happened, because once again, one of my “Other Selves” was there. This would be a very critical time in the history of the Earth, and it would lay the cornerstone for... Read more


According to a video tape made by a former C.I.A. agent, John Lear, based upon what he said he witnessed from military agents with top secret security clearances, there are about 70 different extraterrestrial civilizations that have been monitoring the Earth. Based on interviews by civilian UFO researchers from civilian professional UFO research organizations there have been people reporting abductions by beings from at least 40 other planets, although the negative experiences seem to be confined... Read more

2002: Is There An Alien Strategy?

Sat 30, Nov 2002 @ 22:22 by: an anonymous coward. After 55 years of continued UFO reports indicating a wide range of UFO/alien behavior, the question must arise as to whether or not the UFO occupants, or aliens, are carrying out some sort of strategy directed at us. And if so, what kind of strategy? According to Elaine Douglass, for example, it is evident they are participating in maintaining the UFO cover-up. That this is the... Read more