2011: Cattle Mutilation Investigation in Entre Rios Argentina

By Andrea Pérez Simondini, Visión OVNI Place: Puerto Curtiembre, Cerritos (Entre Rios) Cattleman: José Estrada Date of Animal Deaths: 24 June 2011 Number of Dead Animals: 2 Animals Witnessed: Male and female, approximately 2 years old. Research Team: Oscar Mendoza, Luis Brussa, Ariel Maderna The Investigation:Given its proximity to the scene of the events, a team was organized on June 29th, formed by Luis Brussa, Oscar Mendoza and Ariel Maderna. We reported quickly to the scene,... Read more

1948: Sauroids and Reptillian

In the June, 1948 issue of AMAZING STORIES Magazine, pp. 158-190, ‘Chief Sequoyah’ related the following account, which appeared under the title: ‘SPIRIT OF THE SERPENT GOD’: Somewhere in the mountains of Oregon there is a hidden cave with a small stream flowing from its mouth. Within the cave lies a vast hoard of gold and jewelry surrounded by the crumbling bones of an ancient tribe of Indians. But watching over both, guarding them against theft... Read more

Memories before the Flood

Sirius A / B – This is the Original Homeworld of the Feline Family line, these have been expressed in Egyptian Mythology [Sekhmet, Bekhat]. I also notate a very curious relationship in between the Orcas and Whales with Sirius. I see Sirius as one of the main original star systems with planets where the Higher Harmonic form of many Earth Based Mamallian creatures originate from. I see an especially strong connection to the The Felines (the Lion People),... Read more