5 Alien Species Constantly Visiting Earth

While it is often believed that most aliens are an unfriendly bunch, there are a few species that have been on Earth for centuries who serve to disprove this claim. Some of the more friendly alien species are listed below. by Locklip THE LYRANS It’s a widely held belief that the Lyrans are our oldest ancestors. In fact, there are those that believe that the Lyrans were actually the first “humans” to form a civilization in... Read more

NASA Confirms Extraterrestrial Life DOES Exist On Other Planets

by Dave Snelling Aliens really do exist! That’s the amazing news that space boffins at NASA have confirmed this week. The US space agency has spoken for the first time about life on other planets and they are certain it DOES exist. Having made the astonishing claims during a conference in Washington, NASA now hopes to scour the universe in hope of finding these alien life-forms. And they are planning to use some of the world’s... Read more

UFO Contact from the Pleiades – Chapter 6

Chapter 6: Other Atmospheric Planets After the meetings with the DALs, and the exchange of equipment, the Pleiadian ship made a number of hyperleap trips to various locations, and sometimes things of interest were pointed out to Meier. One of those areas of special interest to us is the variety of other atmospheric planets mentioned and their apparent frequency in the widths of the cosmos. The thirty-fourth contact was a face-to-facemeeting on Sunday, 14 September 1975.... Read more


Name:  The Invisibles AKA: Location  – Home System:  Constellation Mensa Distance from Earth: Attitude: Motives: Their purpose is unknown. Physical Appearance:  Average Height: Average Weight: Body Temperature: Pulse/Respiration: Blood Pressure: Hair: Skin: Eyes: Life Expectancy: Other Physical Information: Special Traits and Abilities: Communication Type:  Origin: Life Form Type: Subspecies: Most Common Species: Level of Species: Habits: Transportation Type: Witnesses Reports: Special Features/Characteristics:  Summary/Description: this race has been known to be “seen” in very high – security... Read more


Author of this document to remain anonymous. Author wishes reader to know that this is only a 1st draft, as yet unfinished work in progress. The Editor of Informant News convinced author of importance of this information to the public and need for timely distribution. You are encouraged to share and distribute for non-commercial purposes as far and wide as possible as long as this entire document, including this header are included. http://www.informantnews.com FULL BRIEFING DOCUMENT... Read more


Note: as this story unfolds, the events demonstrate the increasing power Roger and Jack were being given to counteract this menace. Their use of it demonstrates their sense of responsibility in using whatever means that were necessary to counteract the threat of three Alien races in an alliance bent on conquering the earth, without causing unnecessary loss of alien life. These feats described are typical of what is waiting for all of us when we ascend... Read more


PRELIMINARY NOTE FROM VINCENT — Dear Friends, Sometimes the spirit moves in strange ways, and you have to be quick to catch her, as one of my teachers once said. Last fall, I was instructed by the Ophanic angels, who had been quiescent since their invocation almost a year before, that I should offer to teach what I knew of the Ophanic system. I put the word out, by way of Dan Winter’s website, and received... Read more


The following is a message delivered to a “contactee”, from an alleged member of an interplanetary confederation who goes by the name of “K.H.”. This information comes from the book “MYSTERIOUS SIGNS IN THE SKY”, by Israel Norkin, 1984, Exposition Press, Smithtown N.Y. A similar exposition from an alleged Federation member can be found at… this site K.H. – …Beware of false prophets because they come in sheep’s clothing and, unfortunately, some actually think they’re working... Read more

2005: Aliens in Archaeology

Guest Writer All Contents on this page are Copyright 2005 by Robert Baird All Rights Reserved. Reprinted with Permission Aliens in Archaeology By Robert Baird As you read this book you will have to suspend the disbelief you feel when confronted with my assertions that for at least 5000 years man has been in close contact all over the world. If you have read my other books you will know I have made the case better... Read more

Maybe We Are Alone in the Universe, After All

By WILLIAM J. BROAD In the last few decades, a growing number of astronomers have promulgated the view that alien civilizations are likely to be scattered among the stars like grains of sand, isolated from one another by the emptiness of interstellar space. Just for Earth’s own galaxy, the Milky Way, experts have estimated that there might be up to one million advanced societies. This extraterrestrial credo has fueled not only countless books, movies and television... Read more