2000: From the Garden

Image by nuclearmse via Flickr by Cassie  © 2000 The subject of “good” vs. “bad” reptilians is such a broad issue but I feel it is necessary to make some sense of this confusion so we each know where we stand on these issues. More and more people are beginning to “wake up” and become aware that we have been infiltrated by beings that are not quite “human”. These “para-humans” which are part human and part…something... Read more

Alien Groups in Literature

group beings place vehicle etc.   Adama; +Bonnie Telos (city under Mt. Shasta); Aurora (planet)   Aenstria Caellsan, Selorik, +Traellison; Karne Aenstria (planet) cantel “planet”   Akon Meton (planet in orbit of Alpha Centauri)     Andra-o-leeka & +Mondra-o-leeka; +Aura Rhanes Clarion (“planet hidden on the other side of the sun”); Oreon (planet) scow “spaceship”: Vea-o-mus (spaceship) Melchizedek Order of the White Brotherhood Anoah     Anunnaki   Nibiru, Maldek (planet)     Artemis Miranda (planet)... Read more