Discerning Alien Information

OTE: Our members include many contactees and others who are in direct contact with inter dimensional beings, sometime without actually realizing it.  At this time the Aliens Beings who are being threatened by the rising energies are seeking dos seduce unwary humans to help them with their agenda, which is to remain in control of Earth. For this reason they will be seductive and appear to be “turning to the light”, something that very few humans can... Read more

Invisible aliens on earth

For the past 12 months I have been having a strange experience which I would like to share with you and this web site is the only way I know of doing so. It is to do with God and invisible aliens on earth. I won’t go into too much detail about God as that is a personal thing and because there is a more important message I have to get out. What I will say... Read more

Memories before the Flood

Sirius A / B – This is the Original Homeworld of the Feline Family line, these have been expressed in Egyptian Mythology [Sekhmet, Bekhat]. I also notate a very curious relationship in between the Orcas and Whales with Sirius. I see Sirius as one of the main original star systems with planets where the Higher Harmonic form of many Earth Based Mamallian creatures originate from. I see an especially strong connection to the The Felines (the Lion People),... Read more