UFO Contact from the Pleiades – Chapter 5a

He has had the expenses of filming and developing a large number of pictures, supplies to keep going, the extra expenses of visitors using up what little resource he had, and the expense of always running all over the place to deliver and pick up film and for processing, meeting the extraterrestrials and carrying out various errands given him, and still keep his friends from be-coming impatient and angry with him. We have came to agree that his objections were well justified.

In the twenty-second contact on 28 May 75, Meier offered an objection to the form of the contact notes and wanted to improve on them in the future.

Meier- I want to discuss something which

actually we should have discussed a long time ago. After our contacts, you transmit to me our

conversations as only the defined point. You are transmitting to me only the main conversation, while you

never send with it the final words, the leaving, the actual private matters, and the welcome as well. The

greetings, leavings and purely private things might not be important for the humans and this mission, but

we have discussed some things which might be of interest to my fellow creatures. Here I mean those

concerns which do not fall into my obligation of silence. Can you not change this?

Semjase – If this is your desire, then of course

I can, but I did not want to trouble you with too much work. Some private mission discussed things do not

really belong in the reports, and some parts can not be revealed at all. But I could transmit the other

matters as well.

Meier- I must agree, and I will readily take up

the additional work for me.

Semjase – As you want it; in these concerns I

like to accord to your wishes.

Meier- – Thank you, Semjase. can you explain to

me once now, why your thought-transmissions at a later point in time, always appear stereo- typed inside

me, and why no repeats of any words or sentences appear? In your transmissions I often have very great

troubles with the writing, as you just simply keep dictating, and do never repeat even one single word.

Your report transmissions reach into my consciousness, as we have done the conversation.

[Witnesses who have observed the reception of

these transmissions report that the writing comes very rapidly and uninterruptedly in a steady cadence,

right through to the end of the message.]

Then followed a serious argument about the

withholding of certain information, and Semjase’s suggestion that some information might have to be

erased from Meier’s mind. He became irate and threatened to break off all contacts with them forever if

they tried such a thing. A compromise was eventually reached. This was reported in detail in the

Preliminary Report.

The twenty-third contact on 3 June 1975 was

primarily a discussion of law and punishment with an explanation that natural law was everlasting, but

that institutional law and associated punishments were as changeable as the times itself, and only half

valid for their own period. As a humanity advances, the forms of punishment become more humane.


Meier – Fantastic. But our mankind in Earth is still too disunited and too corrupt for such a form.

Semjase – I already told you so.

Meier- But during your explanation I had a quite fantastic thought. Could it be that in ancient times, our Earth as well, has served as an exile planet? Yes, surely, your assumption is correct. In very ancient times different fallible creatures were exiled from different worlds in this Universe to your Earth, as well as from our race also…..

They then discussed kinds of love and interpersonal relationships between beings of different grades of intelligence and spiritual development, and Semjase mentioned, as she did once before, that intelligence could be developed artificially, and likewise the spiritual nature of beings.

Meier- … Still another question, Semjase. How

great by number is your mankind?

Semjase – I can only answer you this question

when I explain that we are connected to an alliance which extends itself far into the cosmos. To this

alliance belong different solar systems, and the total amount of inhabitants, of the human kind of life,

amounts to close to 127 billion. (milliarder).There are still innumerable other intelligent forms of life

of non-human character and standard, besides forms of human beings who are unknown to us or with whom we

simply are in no communication.


In the twenty-fourth contact on 7 June 1975,

Semjase launched into a monograph on the nature on knowledge and wisdom in evolution.

Semjase: But I have still another matter which I

want to announce to you… All truth and knowledge has remained transmitted and is preserved up to the

present epoch, though it may be forgotten, disregarded and lost by the Earth human.And as truth,

knowledge, wisdom, and love, and all power of the spirit are unchangeable and constant, and the same in

the present, this all must be conceived there and continue up. In other words, truth, knowledge, wisdom,

love, etc., must simply be now brought together again. What you call, by an old for you language, the

backward-relating “religion”, should, for this case, and what has to be done, by the same old language be

called “Rel-e-geon”.

This means that all has to be brought together

again, which is, to be considered rel-e-geously, but not re-lig-iously. In consequence, the already

existing materials should be newly assembled, to lead into the future. After the relegeon must begin the

way of evolution, which has a two- fold meaning. You know one meaning of evolution as development and

unfolding in the sense of something already existing but still concealed that must develop, which in a

spiritual sense means must rise from the subconscious towards the conscious. The second meaning of this

term has been lost to you for a long time, namely, that something not yet existing is explored, developed

and unfolded and becomes. And because this meaning of evolution was lost, man lives under the false

impression that evolving material already exists to be unfolded and developed. The indwelling Spirit has

stored only those matters and things which it collected in the course of its material existence in

material bodies and lives. This, according to your understanding, is very much, but in truth is very


During innumerable further lives, the Spirit

must explore further, must search, and must find; thus he must assemble further knowledge, recognition’s

and experiences, which then establish themselves in him as faculties. Because the Spirit continues after

the material death of the body, and exists within spheres of living of “other worlds”, it works upon the

achieved results of the other lives, and fixes these results inside it in what you call “the

subconscious”. Upon taking up the human form of life again, the obtained knowledge and faculty is

anchored in the subconscious. and must evolve slowly in the human form of life to help in new lessons and

recognition’s toward developing conscious talents…..

Meier- Then I still want to give you another

question. what is the situation with Mars and Venus and other planets?

Semjase – There are really existing forms of

life there, but they are of other values completely than the Earth being assumes. But, as you speak of

Mars, during the last days, I have been there and I found something nice. I have brought it here with me

for you. —– – It is a larger piece of Ruby in Zoisite matrix. I have worked on it only gently while

loosening it out (gives ruby to Meier).

Meier- Many thanks, Semjase, this is

fantastically pretty.

Semjase – Surely, but keep it for yourself

alone. The next I have here is one piece of my homeworld, which a friend has brought along. It is the

piece according to the wish of your friend, which you can give to him.

Meier- Again, many thanks, Semjase. Certainly he

will be delighted… Could you just, for my own collection, bring along still a piece of Malachite and an


Semjase – Surely, but I won’t bring the Emerald

in pure form, as well as no other things of precious values. The reasons lie within your materialistic

form of world.

[The ETs had given Meier a diamond crystal once

before to sell to get some needed money, and it got him into considerable trouble with the authorities

because he had no registration or bill of sale to show how he came to have it in his possession.]

Meier- I already understand, but nevertheless I

am thankful to you. But now I must say that I should leave, for my way home is very long, and at 12:00

o’clock I necessarily must be home…

The twenty-fifth contact took place at 01:46 AM

on 16 June 1975. Meier was first advised that because of recent new developments the demonstration would

have to be mod-ified some, but that the ETs still would not screen the ship from the sight of others.

Meier was also advised to get attention so that he could inform the public of an urgent matter that

needed attention. That matter pertained to the progressive destruction of our ozone belt “which continues

to deteriorate more and more.” They advised him to prepare an flyer and send it to all the newspapers and

information media, and to cry out this menacing danger from the rooftops. He was also to advise that the

atomic danger had increased manyfold.

Meier – You can talk so easily, Semjase, as

first I get rebuked that everything I write on paper is too harsh. In the other hand, always the silly

question arises, why you should not assist us financially… Indeed, I sometimes could cry and weep, for

I consider such things confoundedly unreasonable. I have at times considered simply throwing everything

away, and go doing some normal daily work. For first, I am then away from my financial sorrows, and for

second I do not have to answer unlogical questions…..

Semjase – The execution of your task is within

your own consideration. If you want to retreat, then this would be unfortunate; on the other hand we

don’t tie you by force and coercion, and you are free to decide. Consider, however, that only a very few

Earth humans have similar opportunity, and many of these lack the courage to reveal the matters openly.

As a human being it is your duty to tell what you know and to help your fellow creatures this way. You

did know from the beginning that it would be difficult, and that others would not just stand by for

helping you. In consequence, I consider that you think somehow too easily and too early about ending our

concerns… I have……

Meier- You really talk easily …….

Semjase – Please let me speak until the end. I

see your being angry, because the success with help is not as great as you expected. There is no need for

your anger… Your fellow creatures have to learn first. In your help I thus want to explain that you

should once more deliberate it all very thoroughly and calmly, before taking a negative decision. You

have the very troublesome preparation work for those who will come after your time. Consider all very

thoroughly until you arrive at a decision, rising not alone from rage… To the illogical questions

concerning financial help, they should consider that we have no means of currency as used on Earth. Even

if we wanted, we could not satisfy your financial means, which you call “money”… Fortune plays, etc.,

will never serve, for these are extraordinarily evil…

A third important point is that we do not allow

ourselves to be provoked by your speeches and questions, because this Earth is your home, not ours… and

as far as we are here and want to help the Earth human, within his development, then this corresponds to

an obligation which we have imposed upon ourselves and is not a “must”. Our mission is a voluntary self

obligation. This is from our side, to which is added your side, that the earth being must trouble himself

and must contribute his own money also… The Earth human must take upon himself a certain obligation and

bear certain things for himself. It is wrong of him to take out help and assistance without contributing

something therefore. If the Earth human acts according to the principle that taking is better than

giving, then he will not release himself from his malicious egoism. And the Earthman is egotistical, one

and enemas, thus EXPLOITATION is written in capital letters on your world.

Meier- That is confoundedly clear, Semjase. I

still have some further questions. I want….

Semjase – By regret I can not accept them, for I

still have to perform some things. You can ask your questions next time…

Meier- Of course. As you wish. Can you tell me

at least, a little better point in time for the now diminished demonstration?

Semjase – I have told you already, that I can

not do that because of certain reasons, and I do not want to tell these reasons more clearly. It will be

at that point in time when I have to go away for some time.

[In a restricted part of an earlier contact

Meier was given a detailed description of the damage to the ozone layer surrounding our Earth as a result

of our technological age. This was reported in detail beginning on page 56 of the Preliminary Report of

Investigation. But, though the contact report was restricted at the time, Meier was urged to bring the

matter to the attention of a Professor Michael McElroy of Harvard University in the United States who,

the Pleiadians said, “is among the foremost researchers on this subject.” They further said, “because

this message and others will be very important for the survival of all life forms on Earth…”

So Meier is now being urged more directly to get

attention so that his announcement of this danger will not escape notice. And this is one reason for ETs

bold move to demonstrate their ships in front of other witnesses. That message was so important that we

have decided to repeat it here.

“For many tens of years we have been

studying all phases of your world. The ceaseless change goes on, and too there are very dangerous

developments. For many years a dangerous change has been taking place in your stratosphere that has a

deadly portent for all earthly life. An increasing decay in the ozone belt of the stratosphere is being

caused by the continuous production of ozone destroying chemical substances that rise as gas into the

stratosphere and damage the ozone belt. Especially destructive is the brom gas that rises into the

ionosphere and slowly disintegrates it. Up to now the average loss is 6.38 percent.

That is a percentage loss that for all life

forms is damaging and beginning to cause mutations. This percentage was reached in a time of 60 years

only. Especially there are the brom gas substances that slowly destroy the ozone belt as I have

mentioned. Because of that, more and more ultraviolet rays from the Sun come into the Earth atmosphere.

They will affect all life forms. In over 20 different areas the ozone belt is already dangerous. In 3

different areas there is a danger that it will break up completely in a few tens of years if the

production and release of the destructive factors is not arrested. If this is not done by some means,

holes will be opened in the protective shield and the unshielded ultraviolet rays will break into your

atmosphere and produce slow and tortuous death for all life. Everything entering the unshielded area from

the hole will be destroyed.”

“Release of the destructive chemical

substances comes mainly from explosion motors and from material destroying processes of all kinds, like

atom splitting and other processes like that. They have been produced in great mass since 1945 throughout

the whole world, and every kind of life is being given a changing kick. Destructive chemical
gasses are also being released from things of daily life because each aerosol spray can releases brom gas

and other chemicals. They rise into the stratosphere and slowly but systematically destroy


“Researchers and scientists in several

countries are discovering this destructive loss of the ozone belt caused by chemicals, especially the

brom (gasses), but now, in their unaccountable delusion for power, are turning (this knowledge) to war

technical use. Just recently they are preparing to build rocket bodies to carry these destructive brom

substances high into the stratosphere to be exploded (there), following which very gigantic holes will be

rent in the ozone belt letting unfiltered ultraviolet rays into the atmosphere. Such a hole can close up

again only very slowly and this process will take many hundreds of years after these activities are

discontinued. Also to be considered is the fact that the ozone belt wanders as it circulates. A hole in

the protective ozone layer will not only affect a particular area, but in its wandering will affect a

very wide area. Your scientists are aware of this situation but the populationat large is


“The duty of your group is to bring this to

the attention of governments and scientists and make them aware of the dangers and the need for control.

It is in the interest of all humanity and all life on Earth that there be agreements between all

countries to stop this deadly insanity. In this respect I refer you to Michael McElroy of Harvard

University in the United States, who is among the foremost researchers on this subject.”]


Eduard Meier made copies of

that message and sent one to Michael McElroy at the address provided by those El’ visitors. He never

heard from McElroy, but his letter never came back either. He also sent copies to the Secretary General

of the United Nations, and to various Departments of his own government and to various local newspapers.

None of them ever responded to any attempts at follow-up.

In response to subsequent questions by Meier,

the ET’s added the following information: The industrial gasses most concerned are heavy and rise slowly,

some taking years to reach the ozone layer. They pick up one or more ions from the ozone belt and,

changing chemistry as well as weight. slowly fall back to the surface, carrying the ions with them. This

had gone on since the beginning of our industrial age, but has been increasing on a sine scale with our

rapid rate of industrialization, and the further contamination by vehicles of all kinds and most

disastrously jet aircraft.

This was announced to Meier in early 1975, and

back then they said that they measured over 6% loss present, not counting the dangerous gasses already

rising, some of which would take years to get there. They estimated that if we were able to stop ALL

contamination at that time, the rising gasses could deplete the ionosphere by another 10% or more, enough

to produce mutations in all living things!

We did not stop. We did not even pay any

attention to the warning. Consider now the following information extracted from Science News, Vol. 129,

No. 9, 1986: “Ozone, the atmospheric chemical that shields earth life from harmful ultraviolet radiation, has had a volatile political and scientific history.

Battles have been waged over the extent to which chloroflourocarbons (CFCs) and other chemicals injected into the atmosphere, primarily by human endeavors, attack the cosmic layer (SN: 9/14/B5, p165). Predictions of the resultant ozone depletion occurring globally in the next century have ranged from 3 to 18 percent as scientists work to unravel the mind-boggling complexity of atmospheric chemistry

(SN:4/12/82, p244).”

“But as researchers have pored over the data in

search of very subtle annual changes in global ozone chemistry, they have failed to notice that the South

Pole’s ozone concentration during October has dropped much more drastically — by 40 percent since the


“Scientists now know that an “ozone hole” looms

over the entire continent of Antarctica every October and has been getting more severe every


“This effect was “totally unexpected”, says

atmospheric scientist Richard Stolarski of the NASA Goddard Space Flight Center inGreenbelt, Maryland.

The big question now, he stresses, is whether the effect is a forewarning of a significant change in

global ozone, or simply an isolated scientific curiosity.”

“The chemistry of the ozone layer worldwide is

also plagued by uncertainties. But as the recent NASA report concludes, researchers now have compelling

observational evidence that trace gasses other than CGCs – such as methane, nitrous oxide and carbon

monoxide – are increasing on a global scale (SN: 5/18/85, p308). And scientists now realize that the

trace gasses affecting ozone chemistry are the same as those that contribute to or alter the greenhouse

warming of the planet; the two problems are intimately coupled.”


“The report, to which 150 scientists from 11

nations contributed, concludes: ‘Given what we know about the ozone and trace-gas-climate problems, we

should recognize that we are conducting one giant experiment on a global scale by increasing the

concentrations of trace gasses in the atmosphere without knowing the environmental consequences.”

That report was accompanied by a sequence of six

color maps made by the Total Ozone Mapping Spectraneter (TOMS) on the polar-orbiting Nimbus-7 Satellite

launched by NASA in 1978 (three years after the Pleiadian warning). They clearly show a six-fold increase

in the size of the ozone hole at the South Pole from 1979 through 1984. If this is not cause for alarm,

nothing is…

[But that is not all the harm being done. If we

need confirmation, we need only turn to an article, “The Dark Side of the Sun”, on page 6O of NEWSWEEK

for June 9, 1986, where they show that melanoma (skin cancer) has increased tenfold since 1930 (early in

the industrialization of this planet). Since 1930, the lifetime incidence of this form of skin cancer has

gone from 1 in every 1,500 people to 1 in every 150, the tenfold increase, and mostly in the last 10





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